No Stitching in the Clear Vinyl of our Patio Enclosures August 27, 2013

Our patio enclosures are constructed using no stitching whatsoever in the clear vinyl, creating a stronger, more durable product that you can depend on.

Stitching in our Competitor’s Patio Enclosures Creates Weak Points

When most awning manufacturers need to join the fabric of their patio enclosures together, they use stitching. That method of joining two pieces of clear vinyl fabric together doesn’t seem like it would be a problem—unless those pieces of clear vinyl create patio enclosure walls. An enclosed patio withstands weather-related pressure every single day—wind and rain alone can exert quite a bit of force on vinyl patio enclosures. In conditions like these, those stitched seams become a perfect location for system failure. The perforations that the stitching creates along the edge of the clear vinyl work like the perforations in a piece of notebook paper—strong everywhere else, but entirely weak in that spot. Days of being buffeted by breezes or hammered by mild rainstorms can cause our competition’s patio enclosures to fail at precisely these spots, beginning a downward spiral of disintegration that leaves customers with their investment hanging in tatters.

Welding, Not Stitching, Keeps Our Patio Enclosures Strong

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we use a manufacturing process that eliminates the stitching process altogether in the clear vinyl of our patio enclosures, creating nearly tear-proof bonds. Using a process called an RF weld, our clear vinyl pieces are bonded together to create seamless connections that strengthen, rather than weaken, the clear vinyl. Our tough PVC vinyl is also one of the strongest on the market; together, our manufacturing process creates a durable product that can withstand daily doses of Mother Nature’s unpredictability.

Choose the patio enclosure that is built to last. Your home is an investment in your future, and your patio enclosure should be an equally sound and durable choice. With our unique construction process, you can be sure that your enclosed patio will remain strong for many seasons to come.

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