We Stand Behind Our cafe Blinds With A Fantastic Warranty November 17, 2016

We live in a skeptical world, and that’s understandable. No one wants to be duped and invest a large amount of money in something that ends up failing after less than a year. When we stand behind a product, it’s because we know that it’s the best product on the market. But we understand that you need some reassurance too. You’re investing in an important product for your business, and you don’t do that lightly. We offer you a three-year warranty against manufacturer defect for that reason—we want you to know that we don’t take your investment in outdoor blinds lightly either.

Your Warranty Covers Defects in Your Cafe Blinds


Patio Enclosures protect the Watercrest’s pool and it’s visitors in the summer time.

Though we believe in the strength and durability of our products, as well as the professionalism and integrity of our suppliers, but we also know that things happen. If you ever have occasion to find a defect in our cafe blinds, we want you to know that you have a three-year warranty to protect you. We will help you walk through the process of returning your outdoor blinds to be repaired, as well as the process of re-installing them. We can help you navigate any problems that you might have with your patio enclosures, help you answer questions, and help you make the most of your investment. Our commitment to you doesn’t end when the warranty does; at Southern Patio Enclosures, we believe in developing lifelong relationships with our outdoor blinds customers.

Proper Use of Your Blinds Keep Your Warranty Intact

As with any product, your warranty stays in place as long as you use the product correctly. In the case of your durable vinyl cafe blinds, this means developing good habits that will keep everyone involved protected and your outdoor blinds intact. Our Rope and Pulley cafe blinds are rated to withstand 45 mph wind gusts, while our motorized options are rated to 65 mph gusts. Consistent exposure to higher winds than your outdoor blinds are rated for will void your warranty. Getting into the habit of taking good care of your blinds and eliminating potential risk will keep your cafe blinds safely covered.

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