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As a business owner, you work hard to make your restaurant an inviting place. Customers need to feel welcomed when they set foot inside the door of your establishment. Finding ways to make that happen can be hard sometimes, but the answer may be as easy as upgrading your outdoor space.

We offer the strongest, most durable and economical screen enclosures available to our clients nationwide. Our windscreens are designed and manufactured to withstand years of use as well as the harshest elements, providing protection against extreme weather conditions to your customers year-round. We proudly stand behind our products and offer a three-year warranty on any manufacturer’s defects.

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Invite Your Customers Outside

You may have a gorgeous outdoor seating area that your customers already love, but you can make it even better with our high quality and durable windscreens. The addition of a screened enclosure offers a myriad of benefits to your business including protection from the weather, pollen, and insects. Both our motorized and manual windscreens can be deployed in seconds, shielding your customers from chilly rain, high winds, and annoying pests. Our motorized screen enclosures are able to withstand winds of 65 mph, and can be upgraded to be a hurricane-rated product, protecting against 120 mph winds.

In addition, our windscreens offer a creative design element to your space. The design, fabric, and color of your screens is fully customized to meet your restaurant’s needs. To provide intimate privacy to your diners, pair your clear vinyl enclosure with our sun shade material.

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Drive More Business to Your Establishment

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People naturally love to eat, drink, and socialize outside. When you create a space with a windscreen, you give your customers an enjoyable dining experience. Our products will keep your customers comfortable during the hottest and coldest days of the year, by providing an instant ten-degree improvement in temperature when lowered. During inclement weather, our commercial windscreens can be deployed at a moment’s notice, allowing patrons to continue using your outdoor area and saving you from having to close down seating areas.

How Vinyl Windscreens Can Enhance Your Business

Our clear vinyl windscreens offer the best of both worlds: protection from the outdoors plus a view of the outside. We design and assemble your commercial screen enclosures with the necessary features needed to add the desired stylish appeal to your restaurant or bar. Our enclosures are manufactured to meet NFPA fire codes, allowing you to pair them with energy efficient heaters and climate control systems during the winter. By making your outdoor area more comfortable, you’ll encourage your customers to stay longer, increasing your business’ revenue. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial screen enclosures!


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