All the Ingredients for Winter Patio Cozy

People are patio-ing their hearts out this year. So, you’ll want to keep them feeling comfortable during this new extended patio season. Engineering a professional patio with a high quality enclosure is the ultimate solution because you’re prepared for any and every temperature swing. This year, many restaurant owners and their chefs are also fueling an inner glow by fine-tuning their menus. The intel?

Some foods raise our body temperature.

The geeky science term for this temperature-raising phenom is thermogenesis. Warming up with soup or chili is something we all look forward to during colder months. But who knew that root vegetables from sweet potatoes to turnips are heat bearers too? Maybe that’s why mother nature makes them so plentiful right now. And winter is the perfect time to add a dash of warming spices like nutmeg or cardamom to a hot drink. Other warming spices appearing on seasonal menus include cumin, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, fennel and turmeric.

Keeping patio guests warm on the outside is the biggest help.

You’ll want an enclosure made with NFPA-701 Certification flame and fire retardant materials so that you can safely add heaters. If you don’t have a fixed patio roof, you may also want to consider a louvered roof of stainless steel and extruded aluminum that can be positioned for optimal airflow while protecting guests from rain or snow.

Patio enclosure fabrics should be commercial grade, with no weak points.

High-quality everything ensures a nice tight seal to protect against cold and wind. In short, the strongest enclosure system you can get for your money is clearly the smartest way to go. When you do it right, you and your chef can look out at your guests lingering over gingerbread cake with chai whipped cream and your hearts will be warmed too.

Ask us how to turn your patio into a year-round asset.

We are the pros known for pioneering and installing long-term patio enclosures, whether motorized and accessible with the push of a button or sturdy hand-rolled panels that can withstand 45 mph winds. Our customers, from restaurants and vineyards to country clubs and event venues, rave about how quickly our installations pay for themselves. In a year like this, our financing has been more helpful than ever to the hospitality industry we serve. We’re also well-versed on the technical aspects of airflow and ventilation that are top of mind for everyone. Any questions are welcome. We are here to help.