Patio Enclosures

If you have outdoor spaces, you can use them to your financial benefit by investing in patio enclosures. Wedding venues, restaurants, clubhouses, and pavilions have all seen an increase in customers and revenue when they increased their year-round usable space with our customized solution.

Innovative construction creates durable solutions.

Our innovative and unique manufacturing process creates the longest lasting commercial patio enclosures solution on the market. Our competition joins their vinyl pieces together using stitching, which results in a perforated seam that becomes a significant weak point in the enclosure. Even everyday weather stresses can cause those stitched seams to fail at the seam point, leaving your investment useless.

Our manufacturer uses an innovative welding process, called radio frequency (or RF) weld to join the vinyl pieces together. The strength of that welded bond strengthens the seams, rather than weakening them with stitches that perforate. The only stitching you find on a product from Southern Patio Enclosures will be where the zipper joins the colored vinyl, because that material is tougher and able to withstand the stresses more than the clear vinyl our competition stitches together.

Also, the materials we use are the toughest available. Our colored vinyl is the same PVC material that large trucks use to keep debris inside, but much more attractive. The strength of the material, combined with the inherent strength of the manufacturing process, creates the most durable commercial patio enclosures on the market, strength that will leave you confident in the wisdom of your investment.

Seat more customers with a comfortable patio, increasing your ROI

With more customers comes more business. If your outdoor patio doesn’t allow you to seat customers during cold winter months, you are losing business that could otherwise maximize your profitability. Restaurant patio enclosures help you encourage customer loyalty by decreasing wait times and creating comfortable, beautiful spaces for those customers to enjoy themselves.

You can maximize your ROI by using your protected restaurant patio space in creative ways. Create additional dining space, a weather-protected waiting area or walkway, or dedicated smoking room without construction costs, simply by installing a solution designed by Southern Patio Enclosures.


 Patio Enclosure Sale Sheet

Commercial Solutions

We partner with our clients, working together through the development of each system, and provide service after the sale. We work regularly with architects on individual and multi-site rollouts to provide technical details of our systems, integrating them within the design of the patio.

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Patio solutions like ours create comfortable spaces protected from the weather

Installing our commercial patio enclosures can transform seasonal profits into annual ones by allowing you to use your outdoor spaces, once reserved for spring and summer months, all year round. By lowering your vinyl walls, you’ll experience an immediate 10-degree change in the temperature; heaters can be added as well to create a warmer environment. Our durable vinyl walls protect customers from wind, rain, and cold, creating a comfortable space that you can use to maximize revenue every day.

Our customized patio enclosure walls fit tightly, keeping your outdoor space protected and comfortable. Guests and employees will remain content, offering you an affordable investment that will guarantee customer loyalty.

Commercial patio enclosures keep up with your business’s demand.

Usable restaurant patio space can dramatically increase your ability to meet customer demand in busy times. Friday and Saturday night wait times can decrease in busy restaurants simply by transforming your outdoor space into usable seating areas all year round. With more tables comes more revenue, and because of this increase most of our restaurant clients see a return on their investment quickly.

Commercial patio enclosures bring peace of mind to wedding venues and their nervous clients. No bride wants to worry that her special day can be rained out or that her guests will freeze; with our patio solutions, you can provide the assurance that her wedding event will be elegant, comfortable, and protected from the elements.

Year-round parties at country clubs and golf courses benefit from patio enclosures as well. Your customized design keeps guests happy in a comfortable gazebo, porch, or deck even in the midst of a downpour. Help your hospitality business boom with this affordable investment in customer comfort.

Your staff can easily use our commercial patio enclosures

Maintenance and use of our commercial patio enclosures could not be easier. Your employees can easily lower and retract your patio walls at a moment’s notice, ensuring customer comfort without disrupting their experience. A quick polish with vinyl cleaner is all the maintenance necessary to keep the clear vinyl in pristine condition. 

When your outdoor space needs change, due to expansion perhaps, Southern Patio Enclosures can work with you to adapt to your changing circumstances.

Our solutions are custom designed to match your space and building facade

Your thoughtful design and aesthetic choices shouldn’t be compromised by your patio enclosure, and with our customizable patio solutions, it won’t be. We’ll create a unique commercial patio enclosure to fit your outdoor space perfectly, and you can choose the colors to match your business’s logo or existing décor. Your durable clear vinyl walls will also be designed to maintain the beautiful views your customers have grown to love, and with proper maintenance, our clear vinyl material stays crystal clear and cloud-free. Your unique patio enclosure will suit your location perfectly, from color to design to size, making your outdoor space a stylish extension of your beautifully designed interior.

Paired with Sun Shades, outdoor patio enclosures create a complete custom patio solution

When the mild weather of springtime begins, you can remove and store your vinyl enclosure until colder temperatures return. However, paired with our Sun Shades, your commercial patio enclosures can become a customized patio solution. Our powerful Sun Shades block 96% of the sun’s UV rays, as well as their associated heat, helping to lower your utility bills and keep customers comfortable even during the hottest days of summer. 

The tracks for both the enclosure and the Sun Shades can be installed back-to-back, allowing you to use both or to remove the system that does not suit that season’s needs.

Easily install your patio enclosure yourself, or speak with us about installation services

Installation is straightforward and easy. We have a step-by-step video online that can help you install it yourself, or we are happy to work with your independent contractor to assist with installation. If you need further assistance, contact Southern Patio Enclosures to learn more about professional installation options.


All Southern Patio Enclosures' products are National Fire Marshall’s Association Certified

When installed, our commercial patio enclosure is endorsed by the National Fire Marshals Association, which has bestowed upon our product the NFPA-701 Certification. This certification is the only endorsement that Fire Marshals accept for patio enclosure products, and it shows that your customers will be safe from even tiny fires. Our products also have the CSFM (California State Fire Marshal) Certification. Our commitment to customers does not stop at our manufacturing process; our desire is to provide you with safe, certified products that not only meet the minimum safety requirements, but exceed them.

Southern Patio Enclosures backs our products with a three-year warranty.

We provide a three-year warranty on any manufacturer’s defects. It’s that simple. We believe in our products, and stand behind them 100%.

As of Feb 1st 2016 we regret we no longer offer Patio Enclosures to our residential customers. The folks at Mosquito specialize in residential solutions for your patio needs. We trust the folks at Mosquito and have no doubt that you will be treated as good as you would here at Southern Patio Enclosures.