Bakkhus Taverna — Kemah, TX

Near the lively boardwalk in Kemah, you’ll find a special spot serving Greek and American food with a Southern twist. Greek-style beignet, anyone? Dig into a gyro platter or grilled meats blissfully marinated in herbs, citrus, and olive oil. Every eye at your table will light up when those flaming cheeses arrive. And seeing Greek families eat here tells you that this menu has culinary roots that go back across the ocean!

Friends meet up on the patio for Bottomless Pasta Night. And if it’s rainy, nobody stresses thanks to their patio enclosure. Our custom-measured and fitted roll-up curtains protect guests when a summer rain cools off the day or during a breezy fall evening. They’re the strongest manual curtains available, plus certified flame and fire retardant. To see the difference Southern Patio Enclosures can make, just take a short walk from the Kemah boardwalk.