Put Restaurant Loyalty on Repeat

You know your best customers’ names and make sure they get a great table. Now, nearly half of all restaurants make these relationships even more rewarding with a loyalty program. Your regulars tend to spend more than new customers, so this can make a lot of sense. On average, repeat guests generate 10x the revenue, according to Toast, who also says that “increasing customer retention by 5% can increase a business’s profitability by an average of 75%.”

Serious Rewards Program Benefits

Customers like being treated well by getting something back. There’s an exclusivity that makes guests feel like they belong to a club. 

For restaurants, loyalty programs are low maintenance and low cost compared to some other kinds of marketing. People who opt opt-in to hear from you. By having their information, you can send coupons, updates, or reminders. Serving your most loyal customers a well-timed offer when you need additional revenue is smart. A program like this also helps nudge an occasional diner to become a more frequent visitor.

Offer A Wow

Choose a number that guests can work toward, like a free appetizer on a tenth visit. Meal discounts are always a hit and encourage loyal diners to bring friends or family, introducing your establishment to new people. Or how about a free delivery code? Everybody now wants flexibility and you’ve likely perfected entrees that travel well. A free hat and tote bags can be winners too, not to mention a great way to keep your name out there. 

Ways to Increase Sign Ups

Customer-facing tablets and terminals allow customers to add their own emails and information. A simple “opt in” box does the trick too. Think about sending short email newsletters, which give you a little more room to go into program details. You can also tie loyalty rewards to a specific credit card and whenever it’s used, points rack up. 

Do Loyalty Affordably

You don’t have to break the bank to get this going. New third-party programs offer ways for you to delegate loyalty affordably. Some partners offer tools on an “as-service” basis, while others offer fuller support. What’s more, you may already have added the digital technology needed. 

Make the top 20%  happy

Usually, 80% of your revenue comes from your most valuable guests — regulars who make up the top 20% of your customer base. Taking care of them matters more than ever. 

We like helping restaurants care for these all-important guests with custom patio enclosures. Being able to see outdoor greenery or to people-watch in comfort makes guests want to come back again and again. And once there, they want to stay for one last course. 

Customer loyalty means a lot to us too. It’s an honor that Chuy’s, Snooze,  Fuzzy’s Tacos, and others who turn to us for one patio enclosure recommend us within their restaurant family across the country. Please let us know if our experts can ever help turn your outdoor space into a repeat destination.