nightime outdoor restaurant patios lit up

Mood (and Food!) Lighting for Restaurant Patios

May 3, 2021

Light up Your Restaurant Patio’s Appeal The ambiance of a patio can shift at your command. It’s all about the way you orchestrate lighting from morning to moonlight. Seeing your patio through fresh eyes – actually your customer’s eyes – is a great way to shed a few rays of insight on any changes to…

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MaxView window vinyl panels

Build maximum views into your enclosed, motorized patio with MaxView.

April 1, 2021

Are you ready to see more? The physics of patio enclosures just made a giant, 360 degree leap forward. We now have the largest clear window available for motorized patio shades. Taking in sunsets, skylines, mountains, flowers and trees, and of course sun!, is what sitting outside is all about for restaurant patio-goers. And when…

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Is Your Patio Insta-Worthy?

March 1, 2021

Natural light on your patio make it one of the very best places for anyone to take a shot of your restaurant. You’re likely well aware of how much positive social media can help you. A study by Maru/Matchbox reveals that before grabbing a fork 69% of millennials snap stills or videos of their food.…

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Heating Tips for Happier Patio-Goers

February 1, 2021

Keeping restaurant guests warm has never been a hotter topic. Two options to keep your restaurant patio humming along in challenging weather are a high-quality patio enclosure and reliable heaters. Often, they are used together as a one-two comfort punch. Enclosures allow protection from the elements and better control over healthier airflow. Patio heaters allow…

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All the Ingredients for Winter Patio Cozy

January 4, 2021

People are patio-ing their hearts out this year. So, you’ll want to keep them feeling comfortable during this new extended patio season. Engineering a professional patio with a high quality enclosure is the ultimate solution because you’re prepared for any and every temperature swing. This year, many restaurant owners and their chefs are also fueling…

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gloria restaurant winter patio screens exterior

Don’t Send Your Patio Into Hibernation

November 24, 2020

Your restaurant is the cure for the cabin fever that will likely set in with the first extended Covid winter. People need a break now and then. If you can keep them warm, they’ll be happy to eat outside no matter the season. With the right enclosure, patio seating becomes your most flexible option. This…

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In the Media: Redfin

November 6, 2020

Southern Patio Enclosures in the Media This month, Southern Patio Enclosures was featured by in their blog post “Ideas for Using Your Outdoor Space Year Round“. We were selected from a group of notable experts to share ideas and inspiration on how to use your outdoor living space all year long, even during the…

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Getting Your Patio Ready for the Spring

March 2, 2020

Spring is known for the return of beautiful flowers and pleasing temperatures. It’s a time when more customers prefer to spend their time outdoors, helping businesses with patios capitalize on the warmer temperatures. However, spring is also a time known for rain and wind. Any type of restaurant or sports cafe will inevitably lose revenue…

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hats creek patio screens enclosure

Choosing a Patio Enclosure for the Winter

January 6, 2020

It’s the start of the new year and you’re probably thinking of different ways you can increase your restaurant’s revenue. If you were forced to close down your outdoor environment during the cold season, installing a patio enclosure is the perfect solution! An enclosed patio makes it easier to provide customers with a cozy and…

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Keeping Your Restaurant’s Patio Full During the Holidays

December 3, 2019

With winter fast approaching and temperatures dropping, you might be considering closing your patio for a few months. However, the holiday season can be a great opportunity to boost your revenue, especially by providing your customers with a unique and festive atmosphere. Consider these tips to make your outdoor area a cozy attraction this holiday…

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